We’ve been waiting for the announcement of Mattel’s annual Star Wars Hot Wheels Comic-Con exclusive, and it looks like this year we’ll be getting our very own mouse droid! Here are the details for new exclusive directly from Mattel:

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off July 17th, and you can get the Star Wars™ Mouse Droid™ Character Car at the Mattel booth (#2945) at SDCC. The details are below, but first, have a look at the convention edition collectible you can score from Mattel!

Emulating the Mouse Droid’s™ relentless work ethic of handling many of the Empire’s day-to-day tasks aboard starships and military and corporate facilities, this tradesman van has what it takes to complete a day’s work. Loaded with two heavy-duty antennae mounted on the roof, this vehicle is equipped for maximum communication. Air cooled CPUs can be found on both sides of the van in order to manage the high output supplemental electric motors. Dependability has a new name! Hot Wheels proudly presents this premium, limited-edition, highly-detailed Mouse Droid™ inspired Character Car complete with an all die-cast body.

Source: Mattel