Courtesy of io9 we have our first look at the official “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” leader class Optimus Prime with trailer.

The movie version of the character was first seen during the Super Bowl trailer over the weekend wrecking some Decepticons like the BAMF Prime is. From the looks of it, the trailer transforms into a separate accessory that is able to combine with Optimus Prime into something spectacular.

Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime Action Figure With the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie, one of the most iconic characters in the Transformers lore will capture the spotlight as his heroic story becomes the focus of the first-ever 3D Transformers movie. Now, an action figure befitting such an icon will be available with the new Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure. The figure includes the Autobot leader’s classic trailer that doubles as a weapons arsenal and is an integral part of the figure’s converting play pattern. The Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime figure features three modes of conversion – vehicle, robot, and robot with “mech suit.” The trailer, which serves as a weapons depot and command center, also converts into a “mech suit” that Optimus Prime shows off when it’s time to rumble. Featuring lights, launching projectiles, electronic battle sounds and Optimus Prime phrases, this is the must-have item for kids and fans alike.

Source: io9