Hasbro had their much anticipated Marvel Legends Panel today at SDCC, in attendance was the Hasbro marketing team of Ryan and Dan, who was joined by Disney’s Jesse Falcon.

New Reveals announced includes:

Disney+ What If wave 2
– Howard The Duck with Headless Ant-Man.

Disney+ Loki Series wave 2
-Classic Loki
-He Who Remains (AKA Kang) who comes with an apple
-Updated Loki (jacketless)

Black Panther comic book wave
-Black Panther with cape
-Hatur Zeraze

Walgreens Exclusive
Sentry with exploring alt head

Unknown Spider-Man wave
-Human Fly
-Riot on Monster Venom body

Spider-Man Retro Cardback
-Scorpion (with mouth) and lighter green shading

X-Men Retro Cardback
-Comic blue Beast (Jim lee like), comes with alt closed mouth head. Soft good lab coat, glasses and other flask accessories (Surprisingly not an Animated Beast!)

Hasbro Pulse exclusive
-Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends 3-Pack Pulse Exclusive
-Herald Of Galactus Fallen One and updated Terrax 2-Pack

Finally near the end the team teased the future Haslab exclusive as being Ghost Rider. It’s unknown which version, but the panel did play an engine noise alluding to the fact that it may be a car and not the classic bike.