OK, let’s just be honest here. I’d love to give you a full account of all the great vinyl exclusives out there for SDCC this year, but half of them are so super inside that you don’t know about them until you get there. And ya, we’ll get there and give you tons of great coverage over the next 6 days. What’s going on on the floor, in the panels, in the parties (that we can sneak into). Stay tuned for Tons of comic con goodness including what we hope will be some extra juicy bits along the way.

However, let’s just look at the vinyl that we know about. Check it out.

* The Simpsons – Springfield will come to San Diego with two exclusive pieces from The Simpsons. A 6″ figure of the famous donut boy statue, Lard Lad, available at the Kidrobot booth (#4529)

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, the best vinyl site on the net, Vinylpulse is releasing an exclusive version of MINDstyle’s Disney Experiment 626 Stitch Project. The Disney collectible figure interpreted by the extremely awesome ngry Woebots. The ‘Angry’ Stitch will be available during SDCC at the Silent Stage booth (#4929)

Munky King has some excellent options if you feel like you’ve got too much money in your pockets.

Black in White by Luke Chueh: a limited number will be available as a pre-release – this will be one of the hottest exclusives of the show!

Decapitated Bunny Heads – Black and Splattered by Luke Chueh (edition of 50)

GID Uprisings by Kozyndan (edition of 100) This is one of my personal favorites

OMI: SDCC exclusive colorway

Toy Tokyo

“IRONMAN 400% BE@RBRICK — 20pcs
BARNEY GRIN by RON ENGLISH — very limited
Domo Asian Exclusive by Toy2r — 2 color variations 48pcs each
Roller the Reindeer — Toy2r by David Horvath – early release”

Scribe will be releasing their exclusive ‘Spice Trade’ edition. The faux ivory figures look amazing and are real treasures at only 100 pcs per version. Get them at the Cardboard Spaceship booth (#4534).

Also at the Cardboard spaceship booth will be some amazing collectors cards. The feature the 20 top artists and have their bios on the flip side. Cards are available for $3 each or the full set of 20 cards for $20. Included in the set are: Abe Lincoln Jr., Anna Chambers, Brendan Monroe, Bwana Spoons, Camilla D’errico, Chris Ryniak, Craola, Frank Kozik, Jason Brunson, Jason Jacenko, Jermaine Rogers, Jon knox, Jophen Stein, Marka27, Martin Ontiveros, N8 Van Dyke, Sam Fout, Scribe, Tristan Eaton, Zoso.

Let’s not forget the long awaited Wamen figure from Karo Garo
The resin piece is limited to 32 hand-painted resin pieces, each numbered piece will be available for $49 in Cardboard Spaceship’s booth

StrangeKiss (booth #4637) will feature:
Ollie the Twitterific Bird (ed of 100, $30)

Limited quantities of David Lanham’s Peet figure. Several artists have created crossover editions including Bryan Collins (ed. of 100), Jon Paul Kaiser (normal and evil, 100 pcs each), and Lunabee. Expect news shortly about Peets from Scribe, Sket One, Frank Kozik and David Lanham himself.

Camilla d’Errico
Giant Buddha Kuro – 2′ tall plush – limited to 100 pcs and will be available for $125

(booth #4836)
Pre-Release Shawnimals Mini Plush: Happy Splug and Happy Dawg ($8)

Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot (Fathom Edition) by Chris Ryniak ($60)

Lake Monsters Dredge (Trapped Under Ice Ed.) by Brian Morris ($60)

debut edition of Lake Monsters SOLEM by Joey Potts ($60)
debut edition of Lake Monsters Mini Synbora ($30) by Chris Ryniak

Poggy Panda
Dragatomi booth (#3848)
custom 3” Dunnys, a 4” Mini Munny, and his Custom Jibibuts from the We <3 Wood show. Podgy will be signing on Friday, July 23rd at 2PM. [singlepic id="16743" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] Also available at the Dragatomi booth is the Lite-Brite MAD-L custom. The piece features a mini Lite-Brite board in the head, 36 LB pieces and a seven-watt bulb assembly. [singlepic id="16734" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] Jeff Soto Seeker (~ 12”) Hi-Fructose’s SDCC exclusive edition (50 pcs). Produced by Bigshot Toyworks, Hi-Fructose booth (#4939). [singlepic id="16750" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] David Choe Munko - Giant Robot’s SDCC booth (#1729). There are twelve designs in all (display case = full set) with 3 different sculpts – one with legs, one without, and a girl Munko with a bow. Kid Robot Lard Lad Pre-release: 6-inch, 150 available, $45 3-inch DJ Lance Dunny Pre-release: $11 (Sunday signing) [singlepic id="16739" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] 3-inch Super Special Dunny Pre-release [singlepic id="16737" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] Kidrobot Exclusive Figment Bust Release: 20 pieces, $200 [singlepic id="16738" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] Signing with Shawnimal Smith Ninjatown Vinyl Mini Series Release: $9 [singlepic id="16745" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] ANgry Woebots/ Silent stage Nighmare Panda King (ed. of 80) resin hand-painted by Angry Woebots. [singlepic id="16746" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] StrangeCo [singlepic id="16736" w="320" h="240" mode="" float="center" ] Shepard Fairey's MR SPRAY in SILVER will be officially released from 11:30am. Priced at US$95 (CASH only) the silver edition is limited to 100 pcs, with 48 made available for the show. - STRANGECo will be passing out 58 numbered and sequential tickets beginning at 9:45 am on Friday morning; 48 guaranteed buyers and 10 waiting list ticketholders. - Return at 11:30 am to buy your Mr. Spray! Once the line is through, if there are any unsold or not collected, STRANGECo will offer them in sequential order to the wait-listed ticket holders. - One per customer, per family, etc. STRANGECo reserves the right to call it as they see it when they pass these tickets out. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.