Not wanting to miss an opportunity, HeroBuilders an online doll making company has created an official unofficial Anthony Weiner doll in order to capitalize on the sexting scandal.

The disgraceful New York congressman comes in two versions: censored and uncensored. Both feature the likeness of Rep. Anthony Weiner and are dressed in a gym shirt and shorts with a label that reads “Tweet This.”

The censored doll will run your $39.95, whereas the uncensored and anatomically correct “for adults only” version will cost $10 more. Additionally, for $18 dollar more, you can also get a toy BlackBerry accessory for the doll to complete the “look.”

Since Weiner’s admittance of guilt with having exchanged several sexually suggestive and explicit messages and photos with women online, many have asked for his resignation including President Obama, who said on Monday that he’d resign if he were in Weiner’s shoes.

Congress on Monday approved a two-week leave of absence for Weiner while he seeks treatment.