Matthew Fox (Lost) and Ed Harris have officially been signed to star in the much anticipated zombie epic film “World War Z.”

Based on the book by Max Brooks, the story is set 10 years in the future after a zombie apocalypse where survivors tell stories of the great zombie war. The film will chronic a worldwide zombie outbreak though the first-hand accounts of survivors.

Fox and Harris will join the previously announced Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Anthony Mackie and James Badge Dale.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Fox is playing “Parajumper”; Dale will play Capt. Speke, an American soldier who tries to alert authorities that the zombie threat is real, and he’s stuck in a military detention center when the zombie outbreak begins. Enos (The Killing) will play Pitt’s wife, a mother of two girls. No word on who Harris will be playing in the film yet.

“War World Z” is set to start production in London this July. The film is expected to be a tentpole property for Paramount and will be repurposed into a family friendly PG-13 action movie.

Source: Collider