Some of the folks here at YBMW were fortunate enough to help MINDstyle Toys unveil Disney’s Experiment 626 Custom Stitch Show to the American Public at The FX Show this past April. As amazing as they look in the photos. As we placed each Stitch into the glass display case, you could not help but marvel over just how beautiful and unique each one was. What’s more, each one had been donated by the artists so that they may eventually be auctioned off for charity.

This is what makes it so sad to have to announce that one of the Stitch’s that was on display at SDCC was stolen. Here’s what MINDstyle had to say on their blog just after it happened.

Unfortunately, one person had to ruin it for everyone as we will no longer allow fans up close to view and for photo opportunities. Be on the lookout as someone stole Chris Ryniak’s custom Stitch that was on exhibit at our MINDstyle booth. Please contact MINDstyle with any information and DO NOT buy the “one-of-a-kind” custom Stitch as such actions affected everyone’s charitable efforts.

We want everyone to keep your eyes out for this one. If it shows up on an auction, if you work in a store and someone tries to sell it to you, If you are friends with the asshat who stole it and you find it on their mantle… Remember that this was made for charity and it belongs back with the rest of the exhibit. It cannot be replaced, but it can still be returned.


One thought on “S.O.S! Save Our Stitch! – One Of A Kind Stitch Stolen at SDCC”

  1. This is so sad. I could not believe it when I heard about this. :(

    What kind of person would steal something earmarked for charity? That just boggles my mind….

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