Span of Sunset, Inc. has release their spooky Bird Head Skeleton vinyl figure in a black-gold colorway. This is the newest Span of Sunset x Disney collaboration item, and is limited to just 250 pieces!

Standing 16 inches tall, the Bird Head Skeleton has two points of articulation and comes with two menacing swords — one that is in the skeleton’s ribs and is removable, and the other that is attached to his deadly hand. This toy is based on an internationally revered animatronic sculpture that is located inside the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” ride in Disneyland. True Disney fans will recognize the infamous quote from the Disneyland ride that is located on the backside of the toy.

Sculpted by the talented Monster5, this toy depicts the original inspiration down to even the smallest of details like the Skeleton’s miniature shells and finely crafted fabrics. A limited edition print is also included in the box. This Bird Head Skeleton in the black-gold colorway is now current available from Span of Sunset, Inc online store and in stores.