One of the biggest things happening in action figures for the last month has been Todd McFarlane’s Kickstarter campaign to make a newly remastered version of his Spawn action figure. The campaign just wrapped up in the last ten minutes and it looks like “23,754 backers pledged $3,446,776 to help bring this project to life.” That is a mind-boggling number considering that McFarlane had previously stated a final amount of $500k would be what he’d consider being a success.

Fans were able to choose between a classic version, modern version, or an unpainted artist-proof version of the figure, as well as several groupings to get multiple figures. While some collectors were thrown off by the lack of stretch goals, Todd did not fail to impress with a series of perks that he would drop … pretty much whenever he felt like it. The most recent perk was a necro sword for the modern version figure. However, all figures have been gifted with additional weapons, hands, heads, energy blast effects and a foil cover Spawn comic book. There is even a rumor that he’ll be dropping at least one more perk now that the campaign has come to an end.

So, to the nearly 24,000 backers of the campaign (including us), congrats one what looks like an amazing figure. To everyone else, have fun trying to pick this guy up on the secondary market, because Todd has already stated that he won’t be making any more.