Now on its third day since launch, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Remastered Action figure Kickstarter is already at $988K. Just moments ago, McFarlane updated the crowdfunding campaign to announce some stretch goals that kick in at the $1Million mark. The new stretch goal will provide all funders with an extra set of hands and will give people who buy the three-pack, 2 extra heads. Here’s the full announcement.

As a big thank you to all of you out there in the community we wanted to update you on our first round of stretch goals. As, you can see by the title above, these additions will now be included at the various Reward Levels of our campaign. Here are the BONUS extras you will receive depending upon your pledge level:

  • All Rewards (whether a single figure pledge or the 3-Pack Trilogy pledge) will now come with a FREE set of extra hands. These hands can be used to hold the weapon(s) that come with your pledge. All Rewards that include an autograph come with two weapons, while the non-autographed single figures come with one weapon.
  • 3-PACK TRILOGY will now come with all 5 available heads. This will include: The painted Masked Head, painted Shoelace Head, painted Al Simmons Human Head along with the Artist Proof  (black & white) Masked head and Artist Proof Screaming Head.  

These extra items will be inside the collector’s box that each figure will packaged in. It is a small gift back to all of you for your tremendous response to our first Kickstarter project. We will have a few more “Stretch Goals’ to announce in the very near future too. Plus… we will be addressing how you can order more than one item of some of the Reward Levels soon.



We’re still hoping that there’s eventually an extra-head stretch goal for the single figure buyers.