• Publisher: Spin Master
  • Format: Articulated Action Figures and Vehicles
  • Available:Anywhere Toys Are Sold
  • MSRP: $19.99 – $23.99

A couple of days ago we posted posted up a review of the seriously kick ass new toys from Tron Legacy. Well, in the box with the with the Tron toys was an extra special treat, the new Bone Knapper dragon figure from Spin Master’s How to Train Your Dragon line. Me not being one to waste a perfectly good toy, I cracked it open so I could review it for you all.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty cool dragon. I’d sort of been admiring this line from afar, but this is the first time I’ve actually had the chance to get any of them in my hands… and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m always a fan of things with bony exoskeletons. They are just cool. What was great about his one’s exoskeleton is that it had a secret which we’ll get to in a bit.

When it comes to figures like this, I always have one major concern… will it stand? Yes, I had no trouble getting this dragon to stand up and he was balanced enough that it took a little bit of doing to knock him off his feet.

Other than the the legs, the main points of articulation are in the neck and jaw. It’s not a ton of movement, but it is more than enough to get the right pose and expression out of him. If there was one place I’d liked to have seen a bit more movement, it would be the tail, but it wasn’t that big a deal. the tail was fine the way it was.

Now, let’s talk about what makes this figure special. If you really stare at the dragon for a bit, you can see bones that you think could be extra… well, they are. They all come off and, get this, you can build a mini dragon with them.

The mini dragon was very clever. It was easy to put together and wasn’t just a bunch of flat pieces that snapped together. It even had a full rib cage. While there was no articulation or anything like that on the mini dragon, it was a really cool addition that added something unique to the figure. It does however come with a warning regarding small kids. The mini dragon has a some pretty small parts. I know you think your little nugget is the smartest kid int he world, but all kids choke the same, no matter how brilliant that might be. The age on this toy is 5 and up. Now, you all of you 25+ year old kids who will be buying this dragon… please don’t try to eat it.

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if you knew anything about an Astrid toy being released from this line? I heard that one was but I can’t find it anywhere. My little sisters really want one and I wouldn’t mind finding one either! Please help out if you can. Thanks! :-)

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