Game of Thrones had fans so up in arms over the finale that people were actually booing at the final Hall H Comic-Con panel for the series a couple of months ago. With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming up in December, we are seriously hoping that JJ Abrams pulls together a story that will satisfy fans who have been along the ride for the last four decades. Either way, we can now have the best of both series in a new figure from Toyerist.

Toyerist just announced that Wildling Vader will be dropping for pre-order HERE September 9th/2019 at 9pm (GMT+7) Bangkok time. The new figure will set you back $50 USD, but you want to act fast if it strikes your fancy. The 3.75″ resin figure is hyper-limited to an edition of just 30pcs.

Source: toysrevil