After a very long delay brought on by the Pandemic, the TRON Lightcycle / Run ride ad Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is set to open on April 4th with cast previews currently underway. Today, the Disney Parks blog has unveiled the merch you can buy in the gift shop.

The New merch includes:

• ReAction retro Tron figures and Lightcycles
• Back to the Arcade – neon signs, mini arcade game backpack and an identity disc
• Thrill of the Race apparel – t-shirts, hats, high-end jackets with removable disc
• Tron Legacy Sam Flynn helmet replica & carrying case
• Life on the Grid – light up apparel, backpack with Bluetooth Identity Disc speaker (removable)
• Programable action figures – customizable, with an identity chip that can then be used to re-program other merchandise.

Some of the new merch is really cool, but fans of Tron: Legacy will notice that they have definitely borrowed from the past. For example, the boxes for the programmable figures look like exact replicas of the SDCC exclusive figure boxes that held the light-up Tron figures.

The coolest thing here will be the programmable figures, but they also look like they are just reproductions of the Tron: Legacy figures created by Spinmaster back when the last movie came out. The main difference will be that you can put in your face instead of having the projection light up a character face and the added ability for the figures to interact with other toys.