Steiff has been one of the premier names in stuffed animals since they were founded in the 1880’s and they are actually credited with the creation of the teddy bear in 1902. Steiff bears are considered to be the best teddy bears in the world and can go for ridiculous amounts of money… especially when you consider how not cuddly they are.

Now, the Japanese branch of the company is releasing two very high priced and limited stuffed animals based off of Godzilla and Totoro, two of Japan’s most recognizable film icons.

While I’m not sure about the details of Godzilla plush, other than it’s $400+ price tag, I can tell you that the 9″ Totoro plush will set you back around $350. He’s limited to only 1,500 pcs and will be available for purchase in June of 2015. That said, I’d keep an eye on the Steiff homepage, because you can almost bet that they’ll sell out on Pre-order.

Source: Rocketnews