There isn’t a lot to offer young girls in the action figure aisle of most toy departments. to find the “girl stuff”, you usually have to look in the pink aisles nowadays. However, it looks like that’s about to change… maybe.

DC Comics has teamed up with Target to create a special line of action figures for girls called “DC Super Hero Girls.”

The first series of figures will feature DC heroes and villains including:

Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bumble Bee, and Harley Quinn.

The line will hit shelves this March and will be timed along side the release of a new line of girl’s super hero themed clothing that will be emblazoned with words of empowerment like “Strong” and “Brave.”

“We keep our ear to the ground and listen to feedback from our guests,” Lee Henderson, a spokesperson for Target, told “There is lots of excitement around this new launch, and we can’t wait to share the power of these iconic female super hero characters with fans. We know their stories of epic action and girl power will definitely resonate.”

My thoughts: This is great, in theory. However, it also kind of sucks for a couple of reasons. First, you know that these figures are going to be on sale next to My Little Pony figures and Shopkins, not next to the Star Wars and Batman vs Superman figures. So, it’s still going to be just another item in the pink aisle. Beyond that, it just saddens me that there’s less focus on making it ok for boys to like female heroes and girls to like male heroes. There definitely needs to be more female heroes, but I’m a little bummed to see that it’s just a segregated toy line that will separate the genders in toy aisles a little bit more instead of bring them together.

Source: HP