Thanks for shambling back for a recap of this week’s zombie news. For a change, zombie news has been rather light. But, of course there is still an update from the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead. The update is in the form of new pictures released by AMC. In case you’ve been living in a cave void of zombie news, AMC will be airing a six-part mini-series of The Walking Dead this October. Follow all news we have found of this series by viewing the archives at Zombies & Toys.

In other zombie news, scientists have discovered that a fungus which turns ants into zombies existed over 48 million years ago. The fossilized proof is in the form of markings found on a leaf. The markings are the first time evidence of behavioral control has been discovered in a fossil. The fungus controls the mind of the ant causing it to climb a high point. There, the ant grasps onto the leaf as the fungus eventually sprouts from it and releases spores. Creeped out? Then make sure to not read our post explaining the other 4 reasons a zombie apocalypse could happen.

Over at Zombies & Toys, the focus this week was on some new zombie artists. We had previously introduced you to Terry Callen of Screaming Brain Studio. In addition to illustrating comics and novels, Terry also sculpts monstrous wall ornaments. He has also teamed up with Horror Idols to bring us a model of one Terry’s creations.

Later in the week, we learned about Monster King Productions. The monster king himself, Stephen Vincent, shared with us some of his paintings and shirt designs. In fact, readers have the chance to win the shirt of their choice in one of this month’s contests! My pick would be the 3D zombie shirt that actually includes a pair of 3D glasses. And, yes, the image on the shirt is in working 3D!

We wrapped up the week discovering the talents of Scott Cole. His talents are showcased at 13 Visions. 13 Visions includes sketches, digital imagery, and photographs of both the macabre and surreal. Fans of McKean and Dali definitely need to check it out!

If you don’t feel like waiting a full week for the latest zombie news, make sure to check out Zombies & Toys and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re there, enter one (or all) of the contests we have this month. And once the zombie ant fungus mutates and begins zombifying humans, make sure to keep your head and aim for theirs.