The world might be on hold, but the Thundercats Ultimates line marches on. You can now jump on the Pre-Orders for wave 3 of the Thundercats Ultimates 7″ Scale Figures from Super7. New figures set for the wave include CheetaraJagaSlithe, and Captain Cracker. Each figure is packed with around 20 points of articulation, as well as lots of interchangeable parts and accessories. They will also cost you $45 each. You can pick up this wave (as well as waves 1 & 2) over at BBTS.

Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 – Cheetara

Cheetara – Super Speedy Thundercats Warrior will come with:

– Short Staff
– Long Staff
– Extra Hands
– Running Head
– Open Communicator
– Closed Communicator
– Mirror Flute
– Stands 7-inches tall


Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 – Jaga

Jaga – Wise Thundercat Mentor will come with:

– Extra hands
– No helmet head
– Soft goods cape
– Sword of Omens
– Sleeping Sword of Omens
– Old Jaga head (not pictured yet)
– Magic Cloth (not pictured yet)
– Stands 7-inches tall


Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 – Slithe

Slithe – Evil Mutant Leader will come with:

– Alternate Head
– Long Axe Short
– Axe Mace
– Stands 7-inches tall


Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 – Captain Cracker

Captain Cracker – Robotic Pirate Scoundrel will come with:

– Extra Hands
– Alternate Head
– Sword
– Wrench
– Polly the Parrot
– Alternate Polly Wings
– Stands 7-inches tall