A few days ago, we posted about GE’s “Smart Grid Augments Reality” 3D technology, now it seems as if this new tech is being applied by the premier trading card company Topps.

Topps unveiled today new 3D Live cards to help them join and compete in the digital age where sport trading card sales are slumping. Teaming up with Total Immersion, they have used their technology to create “augmented reality.” It works by having the user hold one of their cards up to a webcam, and a 3D avatar of the image will appear on-screen that will rotate in full perspective.

While not 100% clear, it seems there is only one interactive card per pack in the new Topps 2009 Baseball Series 1 and Topps Attax baseball card game.

Below is a Topps PR/demo video featuring San Francisco Giant’s ace Tim Lincecum and some other top stars such as former homerun derby winner Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies.