Dreadcentral got the scoop on some new Gremlin collectibles by Jun Planning featuring couple new Gremlin figures that may or may not ever see the light of day here in the US.

According to Dreadcentral, these figures are not on Jun Planning’s own website and “were not even shown at NY Toyfair.” From the listing, the Vegi Gremlin and Flashing Gremlin have a December release date in Japan which explains the concept boards. They may be a part of Jun’s Craft Label line which has PVC figures with mixed media (cloth, fake fur, etc).

The other figures are a series of 19″ pieces that include Bat Gremlin, Masked Bandit Gremlin, and smaller pieces featuring Gizmo running for his life as well as Gizmo contently sitting on a pillow (out now).

Source: Dreadcentral