Here are some new images of Mattel’s upcoming DC Universe Wave 13 which includes: ’90s Superboy (Reign of Superman), Donna Troy (Red star costume), classic Blue Devil, Cyclotron, Blue Beetle modern (Jamie Reyes), Negative man (With or without bandaged head), Cheetah (modern and classic). Together they will come with a Collect-And-Connect piece for Trigon. DCUC Wave 13 should be hitting soon as they are already spotted on eBay.

Wave 14 which will be a Walmart exclusive, will feature a Collect-And-Connect Ultra Humanite. The figures will consist of: Alan Scott Green Lantern, Zatanna, Gold, Kamandi, Hourman, Obsidian, and Tyr.

Mattel will also have two-pack Walmart exclusives which feature redeco Batman and classic green Robin, Aquaman and “Blue” Manta, and Superman and Bizarro in lighter shades of blue. Later in the year, Walmart will also have a Green Lantern five-pack with a few repaints and retooling. The epic set will include: gray temples Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart (Mosaic costume), GL Sinestro with Hal Jordan’s body, and a new Tomar-Re and Guy Gardner with completely new retooling.