Mattel showed off a bunch of new MOTUCs at this year’s Toy Fair and boy were they spectacular. It was a nice blend of both well-known staple characters and completely obscure ones that even stumped even a huge MOTU geek like me. Up for release this year only at will be Keldor, She-Ra, Count Marzo, Optikk from “Adventures of He-Man,” and two relatively obscure chacters that saw release only in Europe in the form of Gygor a beast for He-Man to ride, and Tytus, a giant from Eternia’s past who will be rotocast with limited articulation. Not shown in the gallery are Moss Man and Whiplash. Moss Man will feature a running change flocked or unflocked ears. While Whiplash will have two different heads, the modern 200x and the original classic.

Aside from the regular figures, Mattel also showed off the bizarre yet “it makes perfect sense” two-pack featuring DCUC Vs MOTUC. These two-packs will be Toys”R”Us exclusives and will bring the previously abailable only online figures to stores worldwide. Currently there are two two-packs announced, Superman and He-Man and Lex Luthor and Skeletor. Both MOTUCs will feature new paint applications based off the “DC Comics Presents” #47 and “Masters of the Universe” #1 comic books will are included. I should probably point out that from the images Skeletor seems to be missing his Havok staff with this two-pack release while He-Man will be without his sword.