Mattel has opened up their showroom floors today as Toy Fair 2011 officially kicks off. Here are some quick updates on some DCUC, JLU (final year), Batman Legacy and MOTUC offers that fans can expect this year.

Super Powers wave confirmed for DCUC wave 18.
DC Universe Classics Wave 18 (Walmart exclusive wave due out in fall of 2011)
-Black Vulcan
-El Dorado
-Modern Captain Boomerang
-Bronze Tiger (classic)
-Apache Chief (c&c figure)

5-pack boxset
-Crime Syndicate

12-pack Matty exclusive
-The Legions Of Super Heroes will be released on August 15, 2011 only on

Batman Legacy

-Golden Age Joker (redco with coat)
-Mr. Freeze (repaint)
-Modern Age Batman (comic friendly black symbol with angry face, reuse of DCSH gray Batman’s body)

-Arkham City Two-Face (Comic)
-Arkham City Batman (black symbol with pupils and new textured costume)

-Jim Gordon (Movie Masters)
-Proto Suit Batman (Movie Masters reissue)

There will be both singles and 2-packs. The single carded figures will be based off comic book designs while the 2-pack will be Movie Masters and figures from the upcoming Arkham City video game.

Green Lantern
Fans can expect Mattel’s new Green Lantern toys to start hitting in May, with the movie coming out on June 17th. There will be several lines, 3.75″ for kids and 6″ Movie Masters for adult collectors. There are 12 Movie Masters figures total, each will come with a Collect-to-Connect piece to build Parallax. Some oversized Movie Masters figures will be available only on such as Kilowog and Green Man.

-Atomic Skull
-Striple with swapable helmet head!

3-Pack (Target exclusives)
-Evil Star, Goldface, Kyle Rayner
-Heatwave, Mirror Master, Flash

Special 7-Pack also coming to wrap up other card carrying JL members. Gypsy is teased as one of them. Fans can expect this to hit this fall. The box set won’t be revealed until Comic-Con.

Masters of the Universe Classics
-Teela (Blond)
-The Faceless One
-Shadow Beast
-King Hssss
-Battle Armor Skeletor
-Catra (with cool removable mask)

King Hiss, Battle Armor Skeletor and re-release of Evil Lynn, Count Marzo and Adora are due in March.

Cyclone, Panthor and weapons rack due out in April.

Catra with two removable masks and wick comb due in May.

Faceless One with light-up havoc staff, bonus figure Battleground blonde Teela (DC comic book appearance) due out in June.

Clawful with all-new shield due out in July.

Man-E-Faces which will come with a “secret accessory”, over-sized Megator will come out in August. Fans can expect a poll on tomorrow for Man-E-Faces. Similar to Mossman, fans can pick a paint scheme for him: mini-color or original. There’s a good chance both may even eventually be released.

Fans can expect Swiftwind to be released sometime in 2011. There will also be a new retooled She-Ra that allows her to sit on Swiftwind. The figure will be sold separately but at the same time Swiftwind goes on sale.

-Green Lantern and Zodak
-Super Girl (white DCSH rerelease) and She-Ra