Hasbro announced during their Collector-Fan Media Day yesterday that the fan favorite 6″ Marvel Legends line was to relaunch in 2012. No photography was allowed during the Powerpoint presentation but we we’ll be your eyes and ears and let you know what you can expect in the upcoming year!

New Marvel Legends were shown at the presentation, and the first up was modern Thor. Marvel Legends Thor will kick off the return of the 6″ line this summer as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive! He will come with a special packaging similar to how Mattel has been doing their SDCC exclusives. It’s unsure if Thor will be available online, but we believe he will just like every other Hasbro SDCC exclusive from years past. Aside from Thor, a render of Ultimate Hawkeye was also shown. He appears in his Ultimates III (ninja) outfit with a full mask.

Hasbro also said that they will be actively developing 6″ Marvel Legends again. Fans shouldn’t treat this as a reboot of the line but a continuation. They will continue to make figures that haven’t been made rather than redoing A-listers like Spider-man or Iron Man, unless they’re warranted.