Courtesy of ToyArk, here are some new images of Mattel’s upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics from Toy Fair 2012. Although we’ve seen most of these figures at SDCC 2011, there are still a few surprises left.

Temple of Darkness Sorceress®: Available at NYCC, Power Con and on in late 2012
Fisto™: Available 2/15 only at
Shadow Weaver™: Available 2/15 only to subscribers of 2012 Club Eternia®
Kobra Kahn™: Available 3/15 at
Thunder Punch™ He-Man®: Available 4/16 at, includes Issue 1 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!
Stinkor®: Available 5/15 at
Snake Mountain™ Stands: Available 5/15 at
Slush Head™: Available 5/15 at
Griffin: Available 6/15 at (note revised avail date)
Horde Prime: Available 6/15 at
Snake Man-at-Arms®: Available 6/15 at, includes Issue 2 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!
Spikor™: Available 7/16 at
Snake Men™ 2-Pack: Available 7/16 at
Frosta™: Available 9/15 at (NOTE: Frosta is running late so there will be no August 2012 Club Eternia® “basic” figure. Instead, much like February, there will be two figures in September. The second September figure will be revealed at a later date.
MOTU 30th Anniversary Series at

Draego-Man™: Available 4/16 only at
The Mighty Spector™: Available 5/15 only at (note revised avail date)
Sir Laser Lot: Available 8/15 only at