In advance of next week’s Toy Fair, Mezco held an event today to reveal a huge new expansion of their very popular One:12 Collective line. The line proved to be one of the best things to happen to the collectibles industry last year for fans and their plans for 2016 are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Their Dark Knight Batman might have lead the way, but now we’ve got new figures from Batman v Superman, as well as classic hero versions of Green Arrow, Superman, The Flash, and Reverse Flash… and that’s just their DC Line Up. For Marvel, they’ve got three different variants of Daredevil as well as two Captain Americas and a great new Punisher figure. That isn’t it for the comics. They are also now showing off their Judge Dredd/ Lawgiver set.

Star Trek fans will be happy to see that there are not only figures planned for Kirk and Spock, but also for Sulu. There’s also new figures heading our way from Spaceghost and the Universal Monsters’ Frankenstein.

Here’s what The Fwoosh was able to learn about how the bodies have been put together for the figure line:
Here’s the story on the figure bodies (cause I know that’s what you’re wondering). For the lines that feature “real people”, such as Star Trek, there are currently two bodies. They’re roughly the same height, but have different builds–one stockier, one more slender. You can see these on Kirk and Spock. For the comic-based lines, there are currently four different body types (this is NOT counting the DKR Batman and Judge Dredd bodies–neither of those is being used for any of these new characters). The differences between these four are so subtle, that I can’t tell you for sure that, say, Daredevil and Flash share the same body, but I can tell you that Superman looks bigger than Flash and Cap looks more built than Daredevil. This type of nuance in body types is something a lot of people have been craving in lines like Marvel Legends (*cough* Phinneas *cough*), but we don’t expect to actually see.

Check out the release calendar and a slew of great pics from the Mezco Pre-Toyfair event.

April – Dredd and Lawmaster

May – Spock

June – Sulu

July – Kirk, Captain America, Dawn of Justice Superman, Batman, Armored Batman

Sept – Flash, Zoom, Frankenstein’s Monster

Oct – Green Arrow

Nov – Daredevil, Space Ghost

Dec – Superman, Captain Marvel

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Source: Fwoosh