It’s the stuff of science fiction, robotic exo suits that help the paralyzed to walk again… and eventually give soldiers and criminals super powers. Now, California-based SuitX has created the Phoenix Robotic Skeleton, a new suit that can be used by adults who suffer from paralysis and children with neurological disorders that make walking unassisted difficult or impossible.

Weighing in at just 27 lbs, the suit is the lightest prosthetic on the market. Also, unlike predecessors, it is modular and can be adapted to assist people who are only paralyzed on one side of their body as well as people of any size or height.

The whole thing is powered by a small battery pack which gives its users eight hours of mobility before needing to recharge.

While $40,000 sounds like a lot, the only other companies coming close to this type of technology have a price tag on their suits that’s a lot closer to $70,000.

Source: Inhabitat