When it comes to Transformers, you really can’t get bigger than Unicron. I mean. he’s a planet. Planet beats an 18-wheeler truck or a cassette player any day of the week. And, while there have been Unicron Transformer figures from Hasbro before, there’s never been one that has truly done it justice. Enter Haslab, the crowdfunding division of Hasbro that brought us the Star Wars Black Series Jabba’ Barge and the newly announced Sesame Street Cookie Monster Photo Puppet. They’ve just announced a new Unicron that will put every Transformer you own to shame.

Here’s what we currently know about the Haslab Transformers Unicron:

  • It will cost $574.99
  • They need 8,000 orders before the figure will go into production (there are currently 476).
  • He weighs in at over 19 lbs.
Robot Mode
  • Cower in fear as you come face to face with the mighty Unicron in his intimidating robot mode, standing at over 27” tall.
  • The legendary fiend moves methodically with more than 50 points of articulation.
  • He sets his intimidating glare on his enemies with movable eyes.
  • With his articulated fingers, he clutches the air menacingly and makes fists full of his infinite fury.
  • He insults pitiful lesser beings through his articulated mouth and grins malevolently with his movable teeth.
Planet Mode
  • Convert and bring forth the terrifying planet mode of Unicron, a stunning 30” in diameter.
  • His iconic planet-eating jaws are geared to open so the vicious Planet Eater can devour unassuming worlds.
  • The Chaos Bringer’s imposing presence is amplified by his massive posable planetary rings.
  • To support the substantial weight of the approximate 19-pound villainous planet, Unicron requires a custom stand.
  • Do not be fooled. The premium detail and deco are, indeed, inspired by classic 1986 movie, but it is not, in fact, The Lord of Chaos himself.

If you’ve got the hunger… and an extra $600 laying around, you can order Unicron for your very own HERE.