Wal-Mart plans to reduce its toy space by more than a half in a “fast, friendly, clean” strategy to attract shoppers who shun the retail giant due to the stores’ clutter.

The strategy will focus on improve the stores’ overall appearance with emphasis on a more consumer-friendly store layout. The goal, according to Toy Directory Online, a trade magazine for the toy, hobby, game and gift industry, is to not just reduce clutter, but to capitalize on high-growth opportunities.

Changes started April 20, and by this summer, more than a quarter of Wal-Mart’s U.S. stores will have moved forward with this “fast, friendly, clean” strategy. If everything works out, all the remaining stores will also be converted.

Does this mean fewer toys will be sold overall at Wal-Mart? Absolutely not. Today, Wal-Mart released a statement affirming that this new campaign does not necessarily involve the reduction or cutting of their SKU count in toys across the Wal-mart brand. “We have no plans to cut our SKU count in toys across the Walmart brand. We have many different sizes of stores we build which may change inventory assortment, but we continue and have plans to continue to be a leading destination for toys in the US.”

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