Hey there Thundercats and Thunderkittens. We just got off the phone with the fine folks over at Icon Heroes and they gave us a whole lot of great news to chew on regarding the upcoming Thundercats Staticon 6″ figures.

Now, most of this news is top secret, so we’ve been told if we spill it all then we’ll suffer a fate worse than cleaning Panthro’s litter box, but there was one extremely juicy tidbit that we were able to convince them that you all needed to know about.

While the first figure won’t be available until sometime in August, fans attending SDCC 2010 will have a chance to purchase a special Comic Con Exclusive Lion-O at the show. Additionally, despite not being sculpted by the Four Horsemen, the Staticon figures will aims for a very Four Horseman style look.

Get your wallets ready, this is going to be one of the hottest comic con exclusives of the year. Be prepared to shell out big money on eBay if you aren’t lucky enough to pick one up in San Diego.

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