The DeLorean Motor Company of Texas has partnered with Epic EV to make an “all-electric” powered DeLorean DMC-12. The automaker known for its modernized restorations of famous autos made the announcement this weekend, stating that the “time machine” will use original parts with minor modifications incorporating newer accoutrement.

According to Houston News report, the electron-powered DMC-12 will have 260 horsepower with a maximum speed of 125MPH — although as everyone knows, 88MPH is all that’s really needed.

The DMC-12 is expected to cost upwards towards six-figures, a small price to pay even if it doesn’t hover or come with a Flux Capacitor.

If you were one of the lucky few who were able to win a pair of Nike MAGS, then this might be the ultimate can’t miss collectible for the inner Marty McFly nerd in you.

Source: Dvice

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