For a mere $4920 you can not buy your own 5″3″ tall officially-licensed Dalek Replica from “Doctor Who.”

Officially licensed by the Beeb, the genetically engineered Kaled mutants of ultimate mass destruction is built in “exactly the same way as the ones appearing on TV.” Again, that is TV and not from the planet Skaro. Each unit is hand-built to order, using the original moulds and specifications from the BBC Props Department.

The life-size Dalek Replica has some points of articulation, the dome rotates 360, the plunger extends an the arms move about on ball joints “allowing them to be moved – or wiggled in rage.”

Product Features:
-Officially licensed replica dalek
-Manufactured by hand to order
-Made from same moulds and specifications as the original Daleks
-Ball-jointed arms
-Plunger arm extends in and out
-Dome rotates 360°
-Built on small casters for ease of movement

-Measures approximately 160cm(H) x 86.4cm(W) x 109.2cm(D)