Sideshow collectibles always has one of the biggest booths at Comic-Con. There’s no way that we can show you everything they have to offer in just one post. Instead, we are going to break it up into three. First up, we’ve got their new Marvel and DC product.

On the DC side of things, we are in for some great new premium format figures of both comic book style and Man of Steel superman. There’s also some insane looking pieces from the Batman universe like the premium format Batman and Poison Ivy. Thankfully, they also showed off some new 1/6th scale figures for Catwoman, Batman, and Harley Quinn for the fans who don’t have $500 to shell out for each new collectible they offer.

For Marvel, there are some nice new premium format figures for Planet Hulk and Punisher, but for me, the big hit of the whole sideshow booth might be the new J Scott Campbell, Spider-Man collection.

Source: Toyark