I just caught the first showing of Ant-Man and wanted to get back and give you my impressions of the film. The first thing I want to say is that I am not a fan of 3D. That said, the only early showing I could find was a 3D showing. Now, with that in mind… You should definitely see this movie in 3D. For the first time in a long time, I can say that 3D really does help the viewing experience with Ant-Man. There’s something about that Innerspace, Honey I shrunk The Kids vibe that really works well with 3D.

OK, on to the movie. I was actually expecting the worst. I was really bummed when Edgar Wright left the film and had planned to be let down. Was it the best Marvel movie? No. It wasn’t as good as Guardians, but it was definitely more enjoyable than either Thor. Michael Douglas was great as Hank Pym and had a lot more screen time than anticipated. Same could be said for Evangeline Lilly who plays Hope Van Dyne.

I can see some people poking a couple jabs at the placement of Falcon in the film. While the movie would have been fine without him, his scene/s were fun and funny. Also, they help tie Ant-Man to the greater MCU, which I don’t feel is a bad thing after watching the movie.

Unlike the sullen DC trailers we were treated to at Comic Con, this was a fun movie. The story moved at a decent clip with few slow spots and a enough laughs to keep things rolling. The effects and major set pieces were great, at times bordering on more than a little bit trippy. And beyond that, I’m not really sure what to say without giving you any spoilers.

In regards to the post credits scenes. They are just about as major as you would have hoped. One comes just a minute or two into the credits and then a second comes after the theater lights come up at the very, very end. I was lucky enough to not have been spoiled ahead of time, but the first one is kind of obvious. The Second one however… that one made me very happy.