“Lost” producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say when the show finally ends in May, there won’t be any room for a sequel. But doesn’t say there isn’t room for a spin off.

“We are definitively ending this story and these characters in May,” Cuse said at the Television Critics Association event on Tuesday. “There’s not going to be an implanted sequel, no backdoor pilot.”

Cuse added that not everything will be resolved, but a “healthy cocktail of mysteries, answers, surprises, and character resolution” will occur.

“That would be too pedantic. I don’t think it would be ‘Lost’ if there wasn’t any arguing and active debate among the viewers about whether or not it was a good ending,” explained Lindelof. “If I could put on my predicting hat, there’s going to be some that think it’s the worst ending in the history of TV, and on the other end, to balance that out, would be my mom.”

The producers also revealed that Cynthia Watros has finally agreed to return as Libby in order to resolve her story. Although her plot was spilled last summer, it will finally come to fruition on screen and should be interesting to see whether or not it remains the same.

The final season of “Lost” will have America scratching their heads Lindelof teases. Exclaiming that even actress Emile de Ravin, who returns this year, had to read the script three times before it made any sense.

“Lost” premiere Tuesday, February 2nd, at 9/8c on ABC.

Source: TV Shark