I was in Target last night and I heard two women who were school teachers talking about how they only had thirteen days of classes left before they were free from their students. That means that not only is summer coming faster than I realized, but we are smack dab in the middle of prom season.

Enter artist spiceystewdemon. She has taken thirteen Disney character couples and re-drawn them with prom makeovers.

The characters included are:

- Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
– Lilo And Stitch
– Rapunzel And Flynn Rider
– The Rescuers
– Ariel And Prince Eric
– Tarzan And Jane
– Tiana And Prince Naveen
– Belle And Beast
– Quasimodo And Esmeralda
– Milo And Princess Kida
– Aladdin And Princess Jasmine
– Aurora And Prince Charming
– Peter Pan And Wendy

Source: fashionably geek