Doctor Octoroc, best known for his 8-bit interpenetration of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog” is back with a new pixel creation or another famous doctor. Watch his new SNES 16-bit intro for Doctor Who, and imagine what could have been and never will be.

This isn’t merely just a faux 16-bit interpretation however. According to Doctor Octoroc, it’s suppose to faithfully recreate Doctor Who as a SNES video game. In regards to the amazing track? Here’s what Doctor Octoroc had to say:

“I arranged the track in FL Studio using SNES soundfonts from Chrono Trigger, A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy IV, and F-Zero. If you’re wondering how I got that wizzing sound in the beginning, it was a combination of ‘Lavos’ sound effects from Chrono Trigger.”

Source: Gamesetwatch

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