The ladies over at have worked hard and long to come up with a list of lady approved nicknames for their lady parts. Having earned their seal of approval, check out the list of 25 approved nicknames for the female V.Ginny, by women, for women (and men) below:

1. Hot Pocket
2. Tunnel of Love
3. Pink Taco
4. Peach Fish
5. Rubyfruit Jungle
6. The Pink Panther
7. Countess Olenska
8. Muffy McMufferson
9. Tang
10. Nappy Dugout
11. Pink Slip
12. Lady Doodiddle
13. Boner Graveyard
14. Patsy Incline
15. Thigh Master
16. Cruelty Free Fur Muff
17. [INSERT NATIONALITY] Sausage Casing
18. Lil’ Miss Muffet
19. The Center Ring At The Three Ring Circus
20. Pandora’s Box
21. Wizard Sleeves
22. Queenie
23. Coochie-Snorcher
24. Hoo-Ha
25. Your Breakfast

Source: thefrisky

One thought on “25 Approved Nicknames For The Female Genital Organs”

  1. You know when you laugh at something thats so stupid its funny? Well, i couldnt even get that far….I can tell which ones are made up, and the rest we have all heard before….Coochie-Snorcher? Snorcher?? Please tell me that came from your “Baby’s First Words” Scrapbook/Journal…. Or perhaps when you were five years old (judging from your “Approved Nicknames” list i would think not so long ago) and playing Hide-n-Seek, you found the BEST hiding spot ever, where NO ONE can find you. But unfortunately, the excitment comes on, and all of a sudden you have a chic’s beak poking thru the eggshell…Now is when you became confused and you think to yourself, “Uh-oh, was we playing Hide-n-Seek, or was we playing Frozen Tag? Cuz i can’t move…Any slight movement, such as even trying to pitter-patter to the bathroom, could turn the seat of my Huggies hotter than a Duncan Hines convection oven. If that was to happen…well let’s just say it would give new meaning to Betty Crockers ‘Ready-to-Spread Frosting’…So rich and creamy it would make a “DIY” advertisement jealous. It’s no wonder mom always calls me “diaper cakes”…Standing here unable to so much as swallow, or let alone dribble out this spit-up, gives me time to think…Do i really have Paranormal Activity? My mommy says i do…When i’m done with my morning cereal and push it away, she gets so excited and yells to dad that i had another bowel movement…Thats recorded in my “Baby’s First” book as well, next to the hooves, on the “Baby’s Footprint” page…” Ok, that list is so stupid i had to clear my mind and type about your childhood…Next time (spare us) you try to be funny please enlighten everyone and do so, rather then spotlight your IQ which seems to me is the equivalent to a school zone speed limit…I’ll make sure and tell Duncan and Betty “Hi” for you, and that they should contact you about your exciting new breakthru product that you say will turn the Food Industry inside out (please no)….”Huggies Ready-to-Spread Frosting, In A Can”….”My turn to spit-up!”… ~ Stevie ~

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