Zachary Smith may not be old enough to be a Doctor of any kind, but he will be the youngest to ever own a his own TARDIS time machine.

For his birthday, Zachary received his own personal full-size TARDIS which was built by his dad, Lee, 41, from Chard, Somerset. The time machine took him two weeks to make and was created out of readily available material.

Both Zachary and his 12-year-old brother Ethan are massive “Doctor Who” fans.

The TARDIS currently sits in the back garden of their patio and according to his mother Anna, 32:

‘It’s amazing – really authentic. Lee is a perfectionist so it had to look just right. ‘Zachary was absolutely gobsmacked when he saw it. He’s been thrilled ever since.

‘He’s a huge Doctor Who fan and loves Matt Smith. We managed to get together an authentic costume for him too.

‘All his friends compete to see who is going to be the Doctor when they visit now.’

Unfortunately, Lee didn’t have access to Time Lord technology to make the Tardis bigger on the inside.

Lee added: ‘I was considering connecting it to the basement but thought better of it.’