This is a real treat for Star Wars fans. Over 8 minutes of behind the scenes footage taken in the buttercup valley during the filming of Return Of The Jedi. The downside is that this Super 8MM footage has no sound and is grainy as hell… perhaps why they that it is filmed in Sand-o-Vision. Howevr, there is some great footage here of the sets and of the action.

You get to see Boba Fett flying on a cable, Luke saber fighting, Princess Leia escaping from Jabba The Hutt… not to mention Lando and plenty of C3P0!

Official Video Description:
About 7 1/2″ minutes of the filming of Return of the Jedi in Buttercup Valley CA,1982.

Shot & edited on Super 8mm film, with Amiga titles.

Filmed in Sand-o-Vision