Here is rapper A-1’s official Black Ranger music video. This is probably the most gangsta Power Ranger rap you’ll probably ever hear. It’s also probably one of the geekiest rap you’ll hear. Talk about oxymoron.

NSFW due to language.

only 6 feet, but i ball like im 6’2″,
spray paintin’ shit that graffiti dont stick to,
im on the grind cause my hustle is official,
chillin’ at the house, you could call my crib the igloo.
i’m too legit to describe to you with other rhymes,
but they stick to your mind like a thick glue.
ive had fights though im not a very big dude,
but with a pad and pencil i could bench Lou Ferrignou.

yellow on the outside, brown through and through,
so my niggahs call me fig newton, 1 equipped to:
spit through brick wall, stick, straw, I been blew the house down.
when i came to town, all the pigs moved.
you’re talking down? thats a bitch move,
we hold it down, thats a Rick Rude
they cheer us on with the Sis Boom Ba this
new guy’s flamer then a pistol at ya mental
Wit the flow you wanna sit through.
i could step through hot lava with paper boots,
aim and shoot darth vader lasers when i blaze the booth
black paint stained jeans, no tailored suit
hater-proof rhymes make dudes and dimes raise the roof
im a saber-tooth, but im mammoth strong
im a black ranger, im a mastadon
coming fast and strong, its no defense.
my girls’ a pterodactyl and my best friends a t-rex.
all of us together form megazord,
you can duck, but mother fuckers better run for cover when i get my sword
knock ’em out like they never had rest before,
i dont give a fuck like i never had sex before.
and i can rock it a capella, fuck it, less is more.
i gotta talk by saying hella cuz i rep the nor-
thern califor, im in rare northern cali form
dont forget the Nia all you Bia Bia’s have been warned
they heatin up, its bout time, man i have been warm.
i just burn punk mc’s like a firestorm
i just turned 23, shout to michael jor(dan)
and im trying to do it B.I.G. like its ’94”