Any good geek who spends any time at in the kitchen has a spirit guide that they call upon in times of need. Whether it be a need to learn about the Millard effect, how yeast works, or even how to deal with that finicky protein we all call gluten, Alton Brown is their shining light in a world of culinary darkness.

Through Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, and even his time as the hose of Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, Alton Brown has filled millions of heads with the knowledge they need to get out there and cook a meal that not only won’t kill anyone, but might just even taste good too.

Well, it seems like Brown’s wisdom stretches far beyond the end of his kitchen counter. Not too long ago, the University of Georgia class of 2010 was lucky enough to have him as their Commencement Speaker for their graduation ceremony. The video is sideways and you can’t see a damned thing, but it has great sound quality and that is all you need… it is a speech after all, not a puppet show. So, take a few minutes from the work you know you don’t want to be doing right now and listen to the wisdom bomb that Alton brown explodes at UGA’s graduation.

Fast forward to the 4 minute mark to skip right to AB.