Over the last few months UK Model builder msmuse101 – with help from dear old dad — built this very epic full-sized TARDIS bookcase for her DVD collection. When closed, it looks just like the iconic blue police box from the popular BBC sci-fi series “Doctor Who.”

Here’s what msmuse101 had to say:
I just wanted to share a project that me and my Dad (but mostly my Dad!) have been working on for the past few months during odd weekends and evenings.

We are both model builders and love a bit of woodwork so when I mentioned to my Dad that I could do with a new bookcase for my DVD collection he decided to build me a Tardis to keep my collection in, after all I’d never run out of room in one of those!

Unfortunately I took no production shots and I’m really kicking myself now but here’s the finished product, hope y’all Likey!

Source: therpf