Check out these amazing Hayao Miyazaki based Lego creations by professional brick builder Lain (Ochre Jelly). The gallery is from BrickCon 2010 under the “Big In Japan” theme. And apparently nothing is bigger in Japan than the wonderful and iconic works of Miyazaki.

The centerpiece that you see below was Lian’s Miyazakitopia display for BrickCon 2010. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Here finally is the finished product, presented at BrickCon 2010 under the “Big In Japan” theme, sponsored by The Brothers Brick. ! I was very honored, surprised and humbled when it received the award for “Big in Japan – Best Overall” award (…which ironcially I also designed!).

To present my completed collection of Miyazaki based Lego creations, I built a Japanese gadren around them. This consisted of several sections of lichen-covered tree trunk sawn to different lengths, some river rocks, various types of moss, a few branches and fern leaves, and also a large amount of sand! Arranging the garden on site took me almost an entire day, during which time I made a complete mess of the floor and table. But my fellow exhibitors were very patient with me, for which I thank them.

Source: I09, flickr