If this video doesn’t get to you, it is quite possible that you are dead inside. This video isn’t WTF because it’s outrageous. It’s WTF because it’s amazing!

The video is about a dog name Dusty who is paralyzed in his rear legs. Usually when this happens the dog needs to have surgery which is an awful experience for the dog and a very expensive one for the owner. Enter Dr. Difonzo. He’s a doc who figured out how to help animals like this without them having to go under the knife. He calls it “Movement Improvement”. A lot of dogs with this condition end up getting put to sleep, but Difonzo was actually able to get dusty up and running again.

*Sniff* Excuse me, there must be something in my eye. This might be simultaneously the saddest and happiest video we have ever posted. If watching this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you might just be a little bit dead inside.

Source: Movement Improvement