There’s been a wide range of reaction to the first trailer for Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. some people are pleasantly surprised, others are cautiously optimistic, while some (myself included) are having trouble holding back the queasy feeling in deep within our guts.

More than anything (including the fact that now neither Shredder nor Splinter are Japanese and they both had a hand in creating the turtles), what seems to be freaking people out is the reveal of Michelangelo’s face from behind his mask.

Enter online animators: Bowz, TwistedGrim, Ragenineteen, and Ricepirate. Like a set of artistic dominoes, one after the other started creating their own animated versions of the Michelangelo reveal… and all of them are better than the actual trailer. Check them out below:

If you still haven’t seen the original trailer, check it out HERE