Shindou Productions, run by animator/director Mitsuo Shindou, who has worked on various titles including: –Dragonball, Yu Gi Oh, Chibimaruko, Saint Seiya, Rurouni Kenshin and others — have incited a storm of criticism for their obtuse and discriminatory hiring practices.

Shindou Productions is guilty for their refusal to hire individuals with blood types other than A and O. And a if working conditions were bad enough with their pitiful low salaries, Shindou Productions are also requiring inexperienced animators to work as trainees for a year without pay.

From the company’s recruitment posting:

“If you are a high school graduate under the age of 23, and have a blood type of A or O, we have an opportunity for you.”

“We’d like people who can live a year without pay, and whose families don’t object please!

Please read below and apply!

For those with no experience, the basis of our recruitment is that you will work for a year without any remuneration, as training.

As you need experience to work in the industry and we can’t use you as a pro from the start (though even if you are useless and work a year, you are still useless), and instructing you takes up employee time, to say nothing of the cost of attending an anime course and the value of actual experience over simple study, we think this is a great deal.”