Next time you get mad at the person serving up your fast food, keep this story in mind. One Arby’s customer in Tulsa Oklahoma lost his temper and it cost him more than extra horsey sauce. Just ask the restaurant manager who has just been charged in his murder.

According to police reports, authorities arrested 25-year-old Deionna Young in the shooting death of 25-year-old Desean Tallent. Leading up to the murder, it seems that Tallent was a customer at the Arby’s where Young worked. After an altercation in the restaurant, Tallent allegedly spit on and threatened the manager before leaving.

According to the Tulsa World,
“about an hour after the initial altercation, Tallent returned to the location. Police said Young got in her car and followed Tallent out of the parking lot north on Garnett Road from the store. Young reportedly fired one shot at Tallent’s SUV and returned to work.”

Tallent died of his injuries at the hospital and Young is now being charged with first-degree murder. Arby’s is a solid fast-food choice. They have great fries and their sandwiches are a nice switch from the meat-pucks at McDonald’s. Just remember that next time they mess up your order, be polite about it to the manager. Don’t go all aggro or you might end up being remembered as someone who died because of a fast food fight.

Source: KFOR