Wow. I didn’t realize how bad “Luke Butter” sounded until I wrote it down…

Anyways, this new Indiegogo project from a group in California hopes (with your support to create a new edible play experience for Star Wars fans.)

It is a kit which includes a Tauntaun head, a set of legs, a Hoth Luke butter mold, and a lightsaber butter knife. Just pop the head and legs onto a hot baked potato, mold your butter into the shape of an injured Luke Skywalker, slice open the “baked Potauntaun” with your lightsaber butter knife, and jam Luke inside. You can probably even add some sour cream to account for the snow on Hoth.

It’s kind of a fun idea, but I don’t know if they’d be able to get the licensing from Disney. They’d probably have a better bet trying to Partner with Thinkgeek.

They’ve currently raised $600 of their $75,000 goal. You can help HERE

Join us in making dinnertime an epic saga, an enduring tale of survival and fortitude on the ice planet Hoth.

It’s an age-old story: A loyal Tauntaun sacrifices itself to provide life-saving warmth for a future Jedi in its steamy entrails.

Now recreate the legend at your own dinner table. The Tauntaun—faithfully played by the baked potato on your plate—serves himself up to a young Jedi master, aka a lump of butter frozen into a Luke-like shape using the included freezer mold. Reenact the fateful moment when Han eviscerates the beast: slice open your erstwhile companion and insert Luke inside.

Add some salt, a sprinkle of The Force (or sour cream), and enjoy your mouthwatering dinner.

You thought they smelled delicious… on the outside!