We’ve seen all kinds of great wedding rings for all different kinds of movies and comics, but these Disney Princess inspired rings are some of the coolest. One of the best parts is that you can actually get them!

Usually, when we feature wedding rings or engagement rings, they are generally custom projects that were created especially for the person wearing it. These are different. Disney Tumblr user, heckyeahdisneymerch went on to a site called Gemvara and he was able to create them himself using their customization tool That means you can make them yourself… and they will only range from $407 to $5,000 in price.

He’s created rings for:
– Giselle
– Cinderella
– Rapunzel
– Belle
– Aurora
– Ariel
– Jasmine
– Pocahontas
– Tiana
– Mulan
– Snow White

Souce: Fashionablygeek