We’re always on the look out for weird and wacky things that make you stop and say… WTF! Sometimes it’s a story of extreme stupidity, or an artist that blows your mind. Then, sometimes, its just someone with a twisted sense of humor who gave us a giggle and made us want to share it with you. With that, a special YBMW thank you goes out to our friend Katie who pointed out these hilarious renderings of one of the world’s most famous felines, Hello Kitty.

The company is goodbyekitty and they have created an excellent set of designs that illustrate perfectly exactly what many people would like to do to the uber cheerful little kitty. Haven’t you ever wanted to kill hello Kitty? How would you do it? Would you stab her, shoot her, nail her to a cross? Well, if you can dream it, then it is probably already printed on a shirt waiting for you to buy it. Check out the images below and see if it can help brighten your Monday morning.

Also, if you’ve got something that is truly WTF worthy, then let us know by sending us a note to contact @ youbentmywookie.com